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Zeek #atozchallenge

Dear Africa

I will end this letter with a P.S. to my cousin Zeek.

I know you are no longer a toddler,  you’ve already scraped your knees, you climb many fences, and tall trees. I hope as you grow that this thing you know – you are loved by your cousins on the East.

You have a loving family and I am grateful that they found you healthy on the steps of the hospital. Not all orphans are as blessed as you. I hope to hold and hug several as I am one day closer to Africa.



My cousin’s son was found (several days old) on the steps of a hospital. No one knows anything about him. Was his mother from Johannesburg or one of the outlying towns? That dear little face melted my heart.

P.S.S. My bags are full now what do I do?


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YoYo #atozchallenge


Dear Africa:

As I pack I am trying to think of small toys that I can take for orphans. Yoyo is a possibility. I already have 100 frisbees. My only concern is they are kinda hard to learn and when the string breaks you are out of luck. Hmmm

I went to and found all sorts of toys like legos, playdoh, dolls and even duncan yoyos. I remember buying 2 yoyos for $1.00. Now they range from $7 to $20. Im packing a ??? toy for the moment.

Any one have ideas for other small toys that children would love???

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You can’t see it but it’s there #atozchallenge #poetry

Dear Africa:

Today I write a poem for the children I hope to meet. I know already that I will learn so much more from them than I can ever teach.


There’s a place you can only find

hold a small hand jump into a child’s mind

no magic needed for a child has more

close your eyes see what’s in store

the imagination as broad and wide

as celestial heavens the ocean’s tide

draw an “x” in the smallest place

look now where the fingers trace

its a tiny place where treasure hides

you never know just what you’ll find

crouch low in the dust forgotten corner

open your mind to a world full of color


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Wildebeest #atozchallenge



Dear Africa:

I guess on our trek to Kilimanjaro we will see Wildebeest. I have learned that they are in the same family as the antelope, they can run 50 mph, are prey to many carnivores in the wild. I always thought they were an unusual looking animal but would never have guessed antelope. Need to pack my binoculars for the trip to see all these wonderful creatures of nature.


Thanks to wikipedia for the photo of the Wildebeest.

We are wrapping up the April A to Z challenge. My goal for this A to Z  month was to meet new people even some who may have traveled to Uganda. We are in the process of finishing a remodel of our house and plan to put it up for sale. Helping in an orphanage in Uganda is our next goal (at least for part of each year.) Thank your for your visits and your inputs.

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Victoria Falls #atozchallenge #haiku






Dear Africa:

After looking at some pictures of Victoria Falls in Zambia, I am inspired by her beauty and size.

Through the mist

nature roars of power and beauty

a falling leaf


This beautiful photo taken by  Doctor Joe E and used by wikipedia.

Have you ever been to Victoria Falls?

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Packing for Uganda #atozchallenge

 Dear Africa:
Its unusual when I draw a blank but maybe its the pressure of my internet shutting off any moment.
For people who live in Uganda, I’m sure the sights, the smells, the colors, the animals are all part of a usual day.
I’m looking forward to seeing Lake Victoria – I read about her as a child and she sounds amazing. I can’t wait to inhale the culture but mostly I look forward to having my hands and heart full of children.
 I am blogging this month in the A to Z challenge. This daily journal is helping me to remember what all the cutting, gluing, painting, packing is for.
What do you like most about traveling outside of your country?
 The photos above are from Leopard Links Uganda a touring company with many different adventures to choose from.
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Thunder rolls over Africa #atozchallenge

Dear Africa:
I can imagine that there are days and weeks when thunder storms roll over the country. Where do people go when lightning gets close? I was feet away from a lightning strike in Eastern Europe so I understand the danger of getting caught in the open. Isn’t it too hot for rain coats (which I don’t really wear.)
It’s rainy here today so I’m trying to stay dry. My trowel is waiting to plant topiaries.
I guess I’ll have to pack a few heavy-duty trash bags to stay dry.
Wow just a week away from the Z finale for the A to Z challenge. Here are some folks Im stopping by to say “Hi” to.