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Zeek #atozchallenge

Dear Africa

I will end this letter with a P.S. to my cousin Zeek.

I know you are no longer a toddler,  you’ve already scraped your knees, you climb many fences, and tall trees. I hope as you grow that this thing you know – you are loved by your cousins on the East.

You have a loving family and I am grateful that they found you healthy on the steps of the hospital. Not all orphans are as blessed as you. I hope to hold and hug several as I am one day closer to Africa.



My cousin’s son was found (several days old) on the steps of a hospital. No one knows anything about him. Was his mother from Johannesburg or one of the outlying towns? That dear little face melted my heart.

P.S.S. My bags are full now what do I do?


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YoYo #atozchallenge


Dear Africa:

As I pack I am trying to think of small toys that I can take for orphans. Yoyo is a possibility. I already have 100 frisbees. My only concern is they are kinda hard to learn and when the string breaks you are out of luck. Hmmm

I went to and found all sorts of toys like legos, playdoh, dolls and even duncan yoyos. I remember buying 2 yoyos for $1.00. Now they range from $7 to $20. Im packing a ??? toy for the moment.

Any one have ideas for other small toys that children would love???

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You can’t see it but it’s there #atozchallenge #poetry

Dear Africa:

Today I write a poem for the children I hope to meet. I know already that I will learn so much more from them than I can ever teach.


There’s a place you can only find

hold a small hand jump into a child’s mind

no magic needed for a child has more

close your eyes see what’s in store

the imagination as broad and wide

as celestial heavens the ocean’s tide

draw an “x” in the smallest place

look now where the fingers trace

its a tiny place where treasure hides

you never know just what you’ll find

crouch low in the dust forgotten corner

open your mind to a world full of color


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Only one… #atozchallenge


Dear Africa:

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with the details, but I am reminded that one person can make a difference. If each person touched one other person with kindness, our days could be that much brighter. Afterall, it only takes one sun to warm an entire planet.

I have one lap & one heart, and I’m packing dreams (in one suitcase) today with hopes for tomorrow.

noon sun


If you are visiting from the A to Z Challenge, I want to thank you for stopping by. Fill the Cracks is a blog started to create a book of poetry. The book is done and ready to be published. All the proceeds from the book will go to an organization that is helping children orphaned by Ebola. I was looking for an avenue to get to Liberia and in so doing ran into an opportunity to work with orphans in Uganda. Hence this A to Z journal as we pack up and close this chapter of life  and hopefully open another in Africa.

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Ink #atozchallenge

IDear Africa:

One of my favorite media is pen and ink. Why? After drawing with pencil, ink is the easiest to work with. Looking at what I can pack I also realize ink is easy to travel with. Ill have to leave the india ink home but a good drawing pad, pencils and ink pens will be my portable art studio.

Check mark:  packing colored markers for budding artists in Uganda.

I thought of the letter “I” and insects but decided to think about insects when I get there. If I have to eat them, I have dined on a few.

Do you prefer Insects of Ink as a topic????


tiger doodle

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Wild Elephants #atozchallenge



elephants in the sunrise

Dear Africa:

I have to admit I’ve always wanted to see elephants. Not the kind in a circus but elephants in the wild. So as I pack another box (or two) I pack away more memories but imagine making new memories holding the hand of a child. Hopefully those memories will be going on a safari field trip.

If you could go to Africa, what would you want to see on your journey?

Image: Moondust Designs 2016 (drawing overlay on photography)

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For the Love of Children #atozchallenge

Dear Africa:

Today I am writing about children because they are after all what I am journaling about. I could give you facts and figures about the number of children that are orphans or the number of children sold into slavery.  I could make you weep at the thought that children are running for their lives to avoid being harvested. But I wont tell you about numbers that you can put on a graph because I have held, fed, and loved these children.

Instead I will write about a little girl with faded ribbons in her hair who needs to hear the words “I love you.” I will tell you about the energetic boy who wants a hand to hold or someone to bandage his scraped up knee.

I may be getting old but I still have a lap, two hands and a heart to melt into a child’s. The hardest part is not adopting all of the children who have a piece of my heart.

For now I will put my heart in my luggage with some yellow frisbees.

Hand me another box…


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