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Rock Paper Scissors

Dear Africa:

Sorry I got sidetracked and forgot what day and letter we were one. I’m going to be creative . Do you know the game Rock Paper Scissors??? Well Scissors won and on the paper is the letter Q. So I can get 4 letters in one game.

cut Q

Really I am sorry readers. In my living room right now I have: crown moulding ready to be cut (I never use a saw when I am alone),  fluted door casing trim that just got it’s final coat of semi-gloss paint, and plinth blocks already to be glued up (today). The last few days have been too hot to paint so I’m attempting to pack a room (and finish that by the end of the week.) Did I mention I put mulch over our front yard at 6 am?

I did take a few minutes to continue working on the portrait (below) of a little boy from Liberia – so I did think of you Africa.

book cover 1

We have realtors scheduled to come in a few weeks and too much to do!!!

Did you ever play Rock, Paper Scissors to pass the time?

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Only one… #atozchallenge


Dear Africa:

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with the details, but I am reminded that one person can make a difference. If each person touched one other person with kindness, our days could be that much brighter. Afterall, it only takes one sun to warm an entire planet.

I have one lap & one heart, and I’m packing dreams (in one suitcase) today with hopes for tomorrow.

noon sun


If you are visiting from the A to Z Challenge, I want to thank you for stopping by. Fill the Cracks is a blog started to create a book of poetry. The book is done and ready to be published. All the proceeds from the book will go to an organization that is helping children orphaned by Ebola. I was looking for an avenue to get to Liberia and in so doing ran into an opportunity to work with orphans in Uganda. Hence this A to Z journal as we pack up and close this chapter of life  and hopefully open another in Africa.

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Something New… #atozchallenge

Dear Africa:

We have this kinda silly tradition “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” for brides to wear on their wedding day. But somehow it applies. I finger something “old”: my entada giga seed necklace that was given to me as a gift from So. Africa. I’m looking at “new” floppy hats to keep the sun off my head.  The hiking boots for trekking Kilimanjaro are green and yep “blue.”

The more I write the more I get excited about our eminent excursion and potential new life in Uganda.



Any ideas of something I need to pack that I can borrow ???


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Playing in the… Mud #atozchallenge

Dear Africa:

I was scratching my head digging deep into the recesses of my mind to unearth an “M.” I have it Mud! I have been elbow deep in mud so often this past 6 months. I’m either slapping it on the walls or sanding it off. It’s a different kind of mud but I know there will be months where I might be trudging through mud (hopefully not knee deep.) I’d rather play in it with children.

One more room to patch up and then I can pack up my trowel and toss the mud.


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Lists #atozchallenge


Dear Africa:

I look at my lists of things to do. For everything I put a line through it seems like two more things replace it. We’ve remodeled two bathrooms and a kitchen but there are walls to finish and yes more flooring to do. I keep putting the landscaping on the back-burner but now is a good time to plant and work in the yard. I need one of those elephants to help me with heavy lifting.

Ok so for today’s list: final coat of paint for all the trim so this weekend I can start nailing it all into place.


I don’t know if you have remodeled a house but if you have how do you stay sane?

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Kilimanjaro #atozchallenge


Dear Africa:

I daydream alot while I’m packing, painting and landscaping.  I hear children’s voices, I see the glow of dawn and I see the wonder of nature.

As I started looking at pictures of Mount Kilimanjaro, I realized Im not the only one who has dreamed of sleeping at its base, of looking up, up up until reaching the summit and seeing the expanse of Tasmania.

I need to find out the best gear to take and pack it. Think warm and compact.  Needles to say, I just stored my winter stuff ughhh…


Have you ever trekked Kilimanjaro? Do you hope to some day?

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His Name starts with a “J” #atozchallenge


Dear Africa:

I just put my son J on the plane today. He came to help us pack and move some of our big stuff. I felt like we moved a mountain over the weekend but it was only a mole-hill. I wonder if he will ever come visit us. When he was little I’m sure he would have loved to go on a safari. I still think we could get him interested in driving a jeep out in the wild. The question is could we get J to brake once he got moving???

He pulled our suitcases out from under some stuff so my pile can start getting cozy in it’s case.

I’m glad I have a son- you’d like him!!!!