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Zeek #atozchallenge

Dear Africa

I will end this letter with a P.S. to my cousin Zeek.

I know you are no longer a toddler,  you’ve already scraped your knees, you climb many fences, and tall trees. I hope as you grow that this thing you know – you are loved by your cousins on the East.

You have a loving family and I am grateful that they found you healthy on the steps of the hospital. Not all orphans are as blessed as you. I hope to hold and hug several as I am one day closer to Africa.



My cousin’s son was found (several days old) on the steps of a hospital. No one knows anything about him. Was his mother from Johannesburg or one of the outlying towns? That dear little face melted my heart.

P.S.S. My bags are full now what do I do?


Last Day to enjoy A to Zers:


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