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Playing in the… Mud #atozchallenge

Dear Africa:

I was scratching my head digging deep into the recesses of my mind to unearth an “M.” I have it Mud! I have been elbow deep in mud so often this past 6 months. I’m either slapping it on the walls or sanding it off. It’s a different kind of mud but I know there will be months where I might be trudging through mud (hopefully not knee deep.) I’d rather play in it with children.

One more room to patch up and then I can pack up my trowel and toss the mud.


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Writing is one of my passions. I am a published christian author, poet, artist and photographer. I have written, as well as edited, for periodicals, radio, ministries. co- founder of the award winning "One Stop Poetry" I am an advocate for the arts and the special needs community - my passions lie there as well. There are many facets to the moon thanks for gazing in the night sky. If you are on twitter I am @moondustwriter

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