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For the Love of Children #atozchallenge

Dear Africa:

Today I am writing about children because they are after all what I am journaling about. I could give you facts and figures about the number of children that are orphans or the number of children sold into slavery.  I could make you weep at the thought that children are running for their lives to avoid being harvested. But I wont tell you about numbers that you can put on a graph because I have held, fed, and loved these children.

Instead I will write about a little girl with faded ribbons in her hair who needs to hear the words “I love you.” I will tell you about the energetic boy who wants a hand to hold or someone to bandage his scraped up knee.

I may be getting old but I still have a lap, two hands and a heart to melt into a child’s. The hardest part is not adopting all of the children who have a piece of my heart.

For now I will put my heart in my luggage with some yellow frisbees.

Hand me another box…


A to Zers that I am enjoying today:


Writing is one of my passions. I am a published christian author, poet, artist and photographer. I have written, as well as edited, for periodicals, radio, ministries. co- founder of the award winning "One Stop Poetry" I am an advocate for the arts and the special needs community - my passions lie there as well. There are many facets to the moon thanks for gazing in the night sky. If you are on twitter I am @moondustwriter

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