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Boxes #atozchallenge #B


Dear Africa:

Today I packed 10 more boxes of our belongings. Where will they go? Will I ever see them again once the lids are closed? I was resigned to get rid of everything except clothes and a few pieces of furniture. Yet I cling to distant memories:  an antique water pitcher that my father held on his lap for a 6 hour flight to my wedding, I still hear the echo of my grandmother when she told me she wanted me to have the 150 year old vase from her country , the assortment of handmade wooden boxes still hold notes and the dear memory of my husband’s mother.

Will the cardboard retain these memories while sitting in a dank storage? Probably not. But for now I will put the memories away rather than rid myself of them completely.

What things to you hold on to more for the memory than the practicality?


Scarlett Braden


Thank you for visiting Moondustwriter. In 2019, we started working with an E. African team developing elementary curriculum for African children. As a writer, it is a thrill to help children who want to learn. As a bio major and nurse, it is exciting to use my knowledge to encourage young minds to love science. I've been part of the blogging community for more than 10 years. Some old timers may remember the award winning (2011 Twitter Shorty ) blog community - One Stop Poetry. I was the co-producer of that fast growing blog community. I am a published writer, poet, artist and photographer. I have written, as well as edited, for periodicals, radio, blogs and fellow writers. There are many facets to this moon - thanks for stopping by.

10 thoughts on “Boxes #atozchallenge #B

  1. Glass and silver platters and items my kids have made. I am photographing them and adding them to our family history before ever throwing them away. I feel bad to my ancestors and kids when I get rid of them. I completely understand your feelings. I have boxes of my mother’s and mine journals which I am slowly scanning in.

    My mother in law is from South Africa. I will be back to read and enjoy your adventure.
    I love your list of blogs you have visited at the bottom of your post! Thanks for stopping by.

    @liannekruger from Computare Citus


  2. I have a few belongings that I cling to for the memories, but most important to me is the collection of letters I have from before I was born – letters my great grand mother sent to her mom when she left the country for the big city in the 1920s, letters my grandmother sent to her mother from foster care because my great-gran was too poor to take care of her, letters my great-gran received from her husband when he was away in the war in the 40s.

    Those windows into another time are my most treasured possession.

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  3. This is so beautifully poignant. I remember packing my travel souvenirs, grandmother’s wedding album and other keepsakes when we were moving aboard the boat, I felt rootless, as though I was losing bits of my history. — Jaye from Life Afloat


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