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Judge this book by its cover

The cover may at times be the one thing that sets a book apart from a sea of other books. Here are the final choices for a Song for Liberia: A Collection of poetry offering hope for the orphans of Ebola.

Your feedback on which of these four has the greatest eye appeal would be sooo appreciated.

sand stone path and masksa song cover 4book cover 2


stone mask cover with browncover cropped



Writing is one of my passions. I am a published christian author, poet, artist and photographer. I have written, as well as edited, for periodicals, radio, ministries. co- founder of the award winning "One Stop Poetry" I am an advocate for the arts and the special needs community - my passions lie there as well. There are many facets to the moon thanks for gazing in the night sky. If you are on twitter I am @moondustwriter

9 thoughts on “Judge this book by its cover

  1. Hi Leslie! I believe the fourth one has a very classy quality that best enhances the beauty of the masks. Blessings Sweet, Deborah


  2. At first, the fifth one caught my eye the most, but the fourth is very striking also……..Leslie, good for you, bringing your book from concept to near completion so wonderfully.


  3. Hi Lesley the format of the last book I feel gives a balanced composition of First the Title above in the brown grain that looks wonderful with the masks the bottom blue draws the eyes downwards to your written words That gives voice to what the book intails and also why the book has been published 🙂 💙🐝 it’s a really lovely creation for the cover Loving the look x🌙


  4. Hi Leslie, Each design is wonderful but I agree with everyone that the fourth one is most eye catching!!! Its truly amazing to see the fabulous progress of this great project!!!

    Best wishes and love,


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