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Slip through the Cracks


A fissure so thin it was never planned

we justify “it’s just today”

it will be fine, it is really okay

and that’s when the “thing” gets out of hand


there are other concerns for this week

so I move ahead not thinking “why?”

distracted and the world goes by

but there are children who cannot speak


Ebola may have done it’s worse

for now its in the very back page

other news comes forth on center stage

there are children who still live its curse


singled out if you have touched the disease

and others from you stay away

children are not with you allowed to play

but you no different than any of these


there’s petition I read in sorrow’s eyes

“I  miss being a child with a mommy and dad

so much was taken of what I had

please don’t so soon forget our little lives”


We are so encouraged by the poetry we have received so full of depth and meaning. There is still room and we are looking for additional submissions of poetry to make our Song for Liberia complete.


Photographs from Children’s Aid and God’s Kids Ministry



This is a project with one objective to help orphans of Ebola.

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