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Spotlight on Philanthropist and Artist Yuko Nii

Be refreshed by goodness in the creative heart…

When Women Inspire

Yuko Nii Profile Photo Yuko Nii, artist and philanthropist, at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center. Photo by Kristy May, via Wikipedia.

Are you familiar with the female artist Yuko Nii? If not, let me explain more about her and the creative pieces she creates.

Who is Yuko Nii?

Yuko Nii is a Japanese artist whose works range from paintings to graphic design, costume design, and printmaking. Born in 1942, she grew up in Tokyo and later relocated as an adult to Minnesota, US, to continue her education. In 1965, she graduated from Macalester College in St. Paul with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. From there she went on to earn a Master of Fine Arts in painting from Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute.

She has many artistic creations in private and public collections in the US and Japan. Her work sits in museums, universities and art galleries. If you visit The Alternative Museum, The Cincinnati…

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