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Burnt Memories #ebola #orphans #poetry


Looking into the embers

of what can never be

at this young age

 couldn’t imagine what I’d see

our lives were simple

family was all we had

and now with this wild fire

I have no mum or dad

embers often warming

these are hid away

the ashes of my family

won’t see another day


As I reflect on harvest and the warming glow of the bonfires we use to burn the dried stalks, I am saddened for a generation and the fire that symbolically has been put pout by a raging disease called Ebola. Long after the last person survives (or dies), the children will be foraging for food, for meaning, for HOPE.

This written for the prompt at Poets United Midweek Motif – Bonfire.


We are trying to assemble a team to turn up the flames of awareness for the orphans in Liberia – a growing population.

white background


would love your feedback on this preview of the  logo (above)  that I just put together that we can use for T-Shirts etc. Any suggestions are welcome!!! ~ L. Moon





This is a project with one objective to help orphans of Ebola.

11 thoughts on “Burnt Memories #ebola #orphans #poetry

  1. poignant. our family is always are first friends and their memories will be forever etched in our hearts.

    as for ebola, i think it should be properly informed to everyone. i must admit that when i went to angola, though it is not a critical country for angola, i feel scared for a while… but i think being responsible also helps a lot.


  2. Whoa … Ouch. How powerful to make this bonfire a central image for the disease Ebola–though a bonfire is so much more under control. Your poem brings home the incomprehensible losses.


  3. PS: For me the image, though powerful, raises the spectre of drug trade. I am not sure you want that association. Also, in the entire continent of Africa, this bonfire is in a small country on the west coast … maybe you can adjust the image?


  4. Leslie, awesome to raise awareness about Ebola. Susan makes a good point about your graphic….the crack association might be misinterpreted. Unless the image is of a cracked heart, perhaps……But i love that you are raising funds for the orphans, of whom there will be so many, added to the orphans of AIDS. Wonderful when people DO and dont just talk. Bless you.


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